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About Heart & Home Staging

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Heart and Home Real Estate Staging helps home sellers transform their properties and showcase its best features by creating spaces to appeal to the targeted buyer with lifestyle selling techniques. 

Solutions To Sell

Home staging consultation to identify all work that needs to be completed to get the house ready for market. 

Lifestyles To Love

Personalizing your new space so you’ll love it. Using the principals of staging, we’ll explore colour, accessories,
furnishing and more.


As we get ready to showcase your existing home, we can work to sort, pack and plan for your new home. Why pay to move items you no longer want or won’t suit your new home?

Home Staging

Your home is where your heart is. It reflects your personal style and memories you’ve treasured. An exciting chapter is about to begin and now with giddy anticipation you look forward to your new future home and the lifestyle it promises. But first you must sell your home, your greatest investment. The steps to selling your home can become overwhelming and stressful.

Although you want your home to reflect your heart and be surrounded with the personal things you cherish, the success in staging comes from depersonalizing in a stylish and functional manner so the buyer can envision themselves living there.

Marilyn Brophy, CCSP®

Marilyn is wildly passionate about colour. She developed her fascination for colour and design at a young age watching her Mother mix and match everything, as both an artist and dressmaker.  She cultivated her passion further as a marketing consultant, helping Real Estate professionals with their branding and advertising, while obtaining a sound grasp of the industry. While designing client ads, she learned the importance of white space and how to make the key selling points jump off the page. White space translates in staging as “flow”, an essential element to invite the eye to rest on focal points.

Her greatest passion is transforming rooms. And having successfully completed many of the physical elements of this for friends and family over the years, it inspired her and her daughter-in-law to create Heart and Home Staging. She pours her heart and soul into it with her boundless energy and joy of helping others.

And because she loves helping people through these life transitions she is always willing to provide a package suited to the amount of support you personally need and tailored to your budget. 

Marilyn Brophy

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certified colour consultant

This quote inspired Marilyn when designing her company brand……

We delight in the beauty of the butterfly, but rarely admit the changes it has gone through to achieve that beauty. – Maya Angelou

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