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Solutions to Sell

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Staging provides the solution to sell, offering potential buyers a lifestyle to love.

Are you a real estate professional?

If you’re interested in maximizing the selling price for your clients and shortening the days on market, I would love to partner with you. Let’s set your client’s house apart from the competition and get it on a Buyer’s Wish List!  

HOMEOWNERS: Are you selling or thinking of selling?

Your heart is in your home. It reflects your personal style and holds memories you’ve treasured. An exciting chapter is about to begin. You look forward to your new home with giddy anticipation. First, let’s sell your home.

Home buyers want move-in ready properties. And they’re willing to pay more for them.

A survey of 1000 agents said that home staging brought a 196% ROI for showcasing component alone..

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Where Do You Start?

To attract those buyers your property needs to be in good condition, presenting style, function and flow, starting with the curb appeal. First impressions occur within 15 seconds.

Staging Consultation Services

Success in securing the highest equity in your property quickly, starts with identifying the “condition” of the property.

Condition is anything that affects the sale of the property within the window of value.

Once invited into your home as a certified stager, I will use an objective eye as a trained professional.  I will take 2-3 hours to inspect your home, and then present you with your personal Room Ready Handbook which allows you to get started immediately. It’s a room by room easy to follow “task list” to prepare your property for the sale. Also included - paint colour recommendations if needed to best showcase your investment, curb appeal suggestions and on-going support throughout the work.

What will you learn?

What to clear or pack away for your future home, repairs, depersonalizing, replacing, organizing and cleaning. You can do all of this yourself! And your reward – You’re more prepared when you move!

  I will treat you and your home with dignity, respect and professionalism.

The Next Step - Reveal the homes true potential.

Once the staging work is complete we offer the transformation part - showcasing -- Lifestyles to Love.

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