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kitchen staging to sell in ottawa

Why Stage?

Staging helps real estate agents/brokers or the homeowner create a great first impression to maximize the selling price and shorten the days until sold. 


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Solutions to Sell. Lifestyles to Love.

Heart and Home Real Estate Staging helps real estate agents, brokers, homeowners, builders and investors transform their properties through staging and showcasing its best features.

Our ultimate goal is securing the highest equity in your property in the shortest amount of time by setting it apart from the competition. The new space will attract buyers who can now visualize themselves living there and be attracted to the lifestyle it promises. 

Marilyn Brophy of Heart & Home Colour is your Certified Colour Consultant™ offering  services to help homeowners and home sellers determine their colour scheme based on the true science of colour. Once invited into your home Marilyn will guide you through the process of choosing a unique colour palette that is just right for you, your home and your lifestyle. 

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Home Staging offers buyers in the Ottawa area the ability to visualize the lifestyle the property promises and be attracted to making it their home.


Home Staging helps real estate professionals or the homeowner maximize the selling price, reduce the number of days on market and showcase a property as move-in-ready for buyers.

Staging is for realtors and homeowners. 


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Solutions To Sell

The steps to selling your home can be overwhelming and a big undertaking in Ottawa’s real estate market.

A survey of 1000 agents said that home staging brought a 196% ROI for showcasing component alone..

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Lifestyles To Love

Showcasing lifestyles to love is the favourite aspect of what we do at Heart and Home Real Estate Staging.

 Showcasing Your Home: A fresh, inviting property that is the most competitive it can be, to allure the buyer.  

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Marilyn Brophy, Certified Staging Professional
staged bathtub - ready for a relaxing soak

Marilyn Brophy, CCSP®

Marilyn Brophy is a certified staging professional and the heart and soul of Heart & Home Real Estate Staging.

She is the secretary of the Real Estate Staging Association, Ottawa Chapter. Marilyn is wildly passionate about colour, design and transforming rooms through home staging to showcase your property's best features -- for a fast sale and for more money.


Tips To Style Your Coffee Table Like A Professional

Nov 19th, 2020

Your coffee table is usually quite central to your living room zone or room. In most homes, it is omitted in interior decorating updates, yet its decor could be the living room focal point, creating a range of different first impressions.

Do’s and Don’ts of Staging Your Home to Sell

Sep 22nd, 2020

Whether you’re looking to downsize or you’re moving to a small town to get away from the chaotic city life, you’re about to embark on the exciting journey of selling your home. There’s many steps in the home selling process -- from having your home inspected to making repairs -- and each is crucial to ensure a quick and successful sale. But before your home is ready to hit the market, one of the final steps is to have your home staged and photographed.

5 Attractive Front Yard Updates to Add Pizzazz to your Curb Appeal

Jun 16th, 2020

COVID has brought us all out to the front of our homes to watch the kiddies play, have a conversations with a neighbour and simply get out where life is happening. And if you’re lucky enough, have a young man serenade you with his bagpipes as we did recently. Here are 5 tips to jazz up your front yard.

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Take The First Step To Lifestyles To Love

Book A Home Staging Consultation - the first step in a 3-step process to staging your property. This in-home consultation is a complete assessment to transform your home offering a detailed report for the DIY-er; for your project manager; or for us to ensure your home is move-in ready and sells fast!

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