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Why Stage?

Staging helps real estate agents/brokers or the homeowner create a great first impression to maximize the selling price and shorten the days until sold. 


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Heart and Home Real Estate Staging helps real estate agents, brokers, homeowners, builders and investors transform their properties through staging and showcasing its best features.

We create custom home staging plans to engage potential buyers from the moment they view the property (online or in-person), evoking an emotional connection to the home.



Guiding you through the process of choosing a unique colour palette that is just right for you, your home and your lifestyle.

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Home Staging offers buyers in the Ottawa area the ability to visualize the lifestyle the property promises and be attracted to making it their home.


Home Staging helps real estate professionals or the homeowner maximize the selling price, reduce the number of days on market and showcase a property as move-in-ready for buyers.

Staging is for realtors and homeowners. 


Solutions To Sell

The steps to selling your home can be overwhelming and a big undertaking in Ottawa’s real estate market.

A survey of 1000 agents said that home staging brought a 196% ROI for showcasing component alone..

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Lifestyles To Love

Showcasing lifestyles to love is the favourite aspect of what we do at Heart and Home Real Estate Staging.

 Showcasing Your Home: A fresh, inviting property that is the most competitive it can be, to allure the buyer.  

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Marilyn Brophy, CCSP®

Marilyn Brophy is a certified staging professional and the heart and soul of Heart & Home Real Estate Staging.

She is the President of the Real Estate Staging Association, Ottawa Chapter. Marilyn is wildly passionate about colour, design and transforming rooms through home staging to showcase your property's best features -- for a fast sale and for more money.


Transforming Spaces One Room at a Time with Area Rugs

Feb 8th, 2023

Who doesn't want to feel cozy and warm in our living spaces? That’s the ultimate feeling we crave when into our each room, beyond the aesthetics of the style. And yes, most of us now have gorgeous gleaming hardwood flooring in our homes these days. Which is great. It's clean looking, durable and manageable. The hardwood sets the foundation for the room and I know trending minimalism may make us hesitate to add an area rug. I challenge you to step outside of any room and look back in. If it's...

New Year and our Fresh New Look.

Jan 1st, 2023

At Heart & Home we believe in New Beginnings and Fresh New Looks. So we're excited to announce our Refreshed New Logo

Refresh Your Home: How to Revive Your Living Space Following Covid

Dec 20th, 2021

There are many reasons to update your home at any time. The top two that come to mind are to improve your quality of life and to increase your home’s appraisal.

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Book A Home Staging Consultation - the first step in a 3-step process to staging your property. This in-home consultation is a complete assessment to transform your home offering a detailed report for the DIY-er; for your project manager; or for us to ensure your home is move-in ready and sells fast!

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