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Getting Ready To Sell

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Selling your home takes planning and organization. Heart and Home is here to help!

When You're Just To Busy...

Additional Services & Options:

We can assist you or complete any extent of the work you wish, suited to the amount of support you personally want and tailored to your budget.

  Organizing - as we get ready to showcase your existing home, we can work to sort, pack and plan for your new home. Why pay to move items you no longer want or won’t be a fit for your new home?

  Personal Shopping – I can source any accessories you may want to buy for showcasing and to take with you to your new home.

  Packing - Transition easier. Once your house is sold we’ll be happy to come back and pack the entire kitchen and dining room for you. These two rooms are the most time consuming and delicate and they’ll be placed with utmost care and labeled effectively. Regardless of the time this is offered for a set cost.


Lifestyles to Love - Redesign for living.

  Colour Consultation - As a Certified Colour Consultant™ Heart & Home helps you choose your paint colors and schemes before you buy paint or hire a painter. This saves you from throwing money out the window on the wrong paint colour and perhaps the cost of the painter. Making the right choice verified by science from the beginning saves money and heartache. Learn More

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